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The legislature finds and declares that it is the policy of the state of Washington to prevent the loss of human lives, loss of property and vessels, and to protect the marine environment of the state of Washington through the sound application of compulsory pilotage provisions in certain of the state waters; and, it is the further intent of the legislature not to place in jeopardy Washington's position as an able competitor for waterborne commerce from other ports and nations of the world, but rather to continue to develop and encourage such commerce.

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December 25 & 26, 2014

Christmas Holiday



December 16, 2014 Meeting Notice

 2015 Puget Sound Tariff

2015 Grays Harbor Tariff

Notice of Public Hearing Continuance - WAC 363-116-082

 Notice of Proposed Rule Making
WAC 363-116-082: Limitations on New Pilots (Grays Harbor

 2015 Meeting Schedule

Semi-Annual Rule Making Agenda; July-December 2014 

Proposed Rule Making
WAC Chapter 363-116-XXX

 2014 Meeting Schedule
(Rev. 7/14/14)

Surcharge Status Notice
(Rev. 11/18/14)

Summary of
Exemptions from Mandatory Pilotage
(Rev. 12/23/13)
​​Pilot Trainee Waiting List from 2012 Exam
(Rev. 11/11/14)
Current Exempt Vessels
(Rev. 10/1/14)
Open Letter to Shipping Masters
(Rev. 8/4/14)

Shipping Industry Guidance on: 
Ensuring Compliance with SOLAS
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